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BUKAKA is the pioneer in manufacturing and constructing of high voltage and extra high voltage transmission in Indonesia.


Bridge Business Unit was established in 1996, and known as Indonesian top steel bridge producer.


BUKAKA is the only passanger boarding bridge producer in Indonesia, and one of 5 producers in the world.


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Starting its operation in 1986, the Company until now has supplied more than 6,000 pumps of various specifications, to fulfill the demand from oil companies in Indonesia. Having production capacity of 75 units per month, for any pump types, the Pump Unit of the Company is the biggest pump fabrication in Indonesia. The design and manufacture are in line with API standards. Supported by more than 120 employees in the production line with skills and experiences in assembly, the Company's Pump Unit not only produces Beam Balance, Conventional Crank Balance, and Mark II, but also produces oil & gas equipment such as Mud Separator Tank, High Pressure Tank, and Sucker Road.

The products of the Pump Unit are still applied at many oil fields worldwide for its simplicity, reliability and low cost. Some customers of the Company are PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Total EP, Pilona Tanjung Lontar Ltd, Cooper's Mechanical, Petrochina Internasional, TAC Pertamina, KCO Pertamina, JOB Pertamina, Kalrez Petroleum, and PT Stanvac.